Attendance Reporting Questions

{image}You only need attendance records?

Yes! You must keep complete and accurate attendance records that document the minimum compulsory attendance requirements required by law.  New! You must send us your attendance records at the end of your child's school term or upon completion of his or her grade level, which ever comes first. Learn More

I really only need to send you my child's attendance record once a year?

New! Yes, provided your child does not change grade levels. You must send us your attendance record and re-enroll with each grade level placement. You are welcome to send us your attendance more often. We have parents that send it to us monthly, quarterly, and biannually. Just keep one record (per child) and update it throughout the school year.

Why do we need to log both hours and days?

Private school students must maintain regular attendance as defined in rule 6A-1.09512 to be deemed in compliance with Florida's compulsory attendance laws.  Recording both hours and days of attendance specifically documents that your child is meeting the state's requirements.

Sometimes we school in the morning, sometimes later in the day. Do we need to keep track of the specific times our children are in school?

No. You only need to record the total number of instructional hours for the day.

Does my child have to be in school for a specific number of hours each day?

Your child's daily instructional hours may vary, but your child must meet the net number of instructional hours required for his or her grade level by the end of the school term. Learn More

 What counts as a school day?

As a supervisor of your child's education, you decide what counts as a school day. Field trips, classes at museums and science centers, library activities, co-op classes, and online lessons, to name a few, all count. Instruction does not have to take place in the home.

Do we have to keep a log of our activities or the curriculum we use?

We strongly recommend you keep a record of your child's activities and curriculum for personal reference (you may find it helpful at some point, especially if your child should enter or return to public school or a traditional private school), but you do not need to provide this information to us. Students enrolled in our High School Diploma Program must properly document extracurricular activities to earn high school credit if the credits will not be documented on official transcripts.

Do we have to keep a portfolio?

No. Parents are not required to keep portfolios, although we encourage you to do so. We especially recommend you keep a portfolio documenting high school coursework. Many colleges and universities require applicants who complete a home school program or graduate from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and/or transcripts to be considered for admission.

My child has already started his school year. Can we count his attendance from his previous school?

No. You must document 180 days and the required number of hours of attendance during your child's school term at Aspiring Heights Academy. Attendance at other schools (or your homeschool) prior to your child's enrollment with us can not count as attendance with us. You begin recording your child's days and hours of attendance on the first day of enrollment, and you have one full year to meet the attendance requirement.

Do I have to wait until the end of our school term before my child can advance to the next grade level?

New! No. You choose the grade level you feel is appropriate for your child and the rate at which your child advances, but you must send us your attendance record and re-enroll your child with each grade level placement. Your child must maintain regular attendance to be eligible for re-enrollment.

When will my attendance record be due?

New! Your attendance record will be due one year from your child's enrollment date or upon completion of his or her grade level, which ever comes first. You are welcome to send it more often.

What if I enroll my child mid-year, then later decide that I'd prefer to be on a typical public school schedule?

If your child has reached 180 days and the required number of hours of attendance, you are welcome to re-enroll. Just send us your attendance record and a re-enrollment form specifying the future date you would like to begin the next school term. We can not backdate enrollments.

If your child has not yet reached 180 days or the required number of hours of attendance, please contact us to see if re-enrollment is possible. Your child must have maintained regular attendance during the current school term.

New! Your child must be re-enrolled with each grade level placement.

How do we submit attendance records?

Attendance recording forms are provided to you with each enrollment or renewal in either PDF or spreadsheet format. Printed PDF forms may be mailed or emailed; spreadsheet forms may be emailed back to us in its original format. Learn More