High School Diploma Program (Grades 9-12)

Our High School Diploma Program is open to students in grades 9–12 through age 19. Students must complete all coursework prior to their 21st birthday. High school students may be enrolled in our High School Diploma Program or under our Standard Enrollment option. Our High School Diploma Program includes record keeping services, FLVS enrollment, educator and student identification cards, possible dual enrollment opportunities, a high school diploma, an official transcript, and assistance with Bright Futures Scholarship applications. Students must complete a minimum of one full semester at Aspiring Heights Academy.

Enrollments are processed Monday through Friday within two business days of receipt of the required documentation and payment. Expedited services (same day and Saturday enrollments) are available for an additional fee.

To enroll your child in our High School Diploma Program, please mail us the following:
Enrollment Form We require one completed Student Enrollment Form per child. Please be sure to complete each section in its entirety.
Birth Certificate We only need a copy of your child's birth certificate. If your child was born in Florida, you can request your child's birth record from the Florida Department of Health. If your child was born in a different state, you can find out where to write for vital records at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
School Entry Health Examination The Florida Department of Health and Florida private healthcare providers issue Form DH 3040, School Entry Health Exam. If you recently moved from another state, your child's examination form may be different. Your child's school-entry health examination form will be accepted as long as it was completed by a health care provider licensed to perform physical examinations in the state in which it was performed. All school-entry health examination forms must be dated within one year of your child's enrollment date. Your child shall be exempted from this requirement upon written request stating objections to the examination on religious grounds.
Certification of Immunization All private schools are required to have on file a valid Form DH 680, Certification of Immunization or Form DH 681, Religious Exemption from Immunization. These forms are completed by County Health Departments and private healthcare providers. If you recently moved to Florida from another state, you must have your child's vaccination history, if any, transferred to Form DH 680. No other immunization records can be accepted. Your child shall be exempted from this requirement upon objection in writing that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with your religious tenets or practices. Please read our article on vaccines and immunizations for more information.
High School Transcripts We require copies of your child's high school transcripts (if any). We do not need official transcripts for enrollment purposes, but we will need them prior to graduation.
Course Plan Please include your child's course plan for his or her current or upcoming grade.
Enrollment Fee
The enrollment fee for initial enrollment in our High School Diploma Program is determined by the student's grade level at the time of enrollment into the program. Future renewals are $75 per grade level.
If your child is entering then your enrollment fee is
Grade 9 $85
Grade 10 $160
Grade 11 $235
Grade 12 $310
We accept PayPal and checks and money orders payable to Aspiring Heights Academy. The enrollment fee may be mailed together with your enrollment form or paid via PayPal. Expedited services are available for an additional fee. If you are enrolling more than one child under the same program, you may pay the enrollment fees in a single payment.

To keep our enrollment fees low, we ask that you mail the required documents to us. (Be sure to keep a copy of everything you send for your records.) If you need expedited services, you may email your documents, but we will still need you to mail your children's original health records. For expedited service instructions, click here. You will receive a Welcome email with your child's enrollment date and an attendance recording form upon enrollment. Attendance records and future renewals may be mailed or emailed.

Mailing Address

Aspiring Heights Academy
P.O. Box 1041
Englewood, FL 34295
Students seeking Florida Bright Futures Scholarships should not enroll in a private school for grades 11 and 12 unless they are planning to earn a diploma or a GED and can document their GPAs and coursework through official transcripts. Please read Bright Futures Scholarship Eligibility for more information.