Enrollment Options

Choose the option that meets your family's needs and your child's educational goals.

FeaturesStandard EnrollmentHigh School Diploma Program
Grade Eligibility K–12 9–12
Record Keeping Services Yes Yes
FLVS Enrollment Yes Yes
Educator and Student Identification Cards Yes Yes
Possible Dual Enrollment Opportunities   Yes
High School Diploma   Yes
Official Transcript   Yes
Assistance with Bright Futures Scholarship Applications   Yes
Enrollment  Fee (per Student) $35 $85*
Required Documentation Learn More Learn More
* For  9th grade entry into our High School Diploma Program. There is an additional $75 for each successive grade level on entrance.
High school students may be enrolled under our Standard Enrollment option or in our High School Diploma Program.
Students seeking Florida Bright Futures Scholarships should not enroll in a private school for grades 11 and 12 unless they are planning to earn a diploma or a GED and can document their GPAs and coursework through official transcripts. Please read Bright Futures Scholarship Eligibility for more information.