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{image}There are many schools and curriculum publishers offering free placement assessments, and while these tests are generally designed to help you place your child in a suitable grade or purchase appropriate course materials, these tests can also be used to to find out how much your child already knows, identify skills your child hasn't mastered, or verify that your child is ready to advance to the next level. This is a list of websites offering free printable, downloadable, or online placement tests.

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The Cambridge Academy Placement Testing
Free online placement tests by Learning By Grace in language arts and mathematics. (Grades K-12) Note: You'll have to register for a free account to access the tests.
Texas Education Agency - Released Tests, Answer Keys, and Scoring Guides (TAKS)
Texas Education Code §39.023(e) releases the primary form of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills–Modified (TAKS–M) for every grade and subject tested every three years.
Internet4Classrooms Assessment Test Resources
Free resources to help students practice skills required on various assessments.
Thinkwell Homeschool - Free Math Placement Tests
Online printable math placement tests for middle school math, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, and Calculus.
K12 Language Arts/English Placement Tests
Language Arts/English Placement Assessments are offered for all grades through middle school as follows: Reading Placement Assessments (Grades K - Middle School); Language Skills Placement Tests (Grades 3 - Middle School only); and Writing Tests (Grades 3-Middle School Only)
K12 Math Placement Tests
The placement test is made up of 16 assessments: one for each semester of Kindergarten through Middle School. Print out the assessment you feel would be appropriate for your child and give it to your student to take.
Math-U-See Placement Testing
Printable competency mathematics exams for the Math-U-See books. The competency exams were created to determine what level of mathematics the student has mastered.
Math Mammoth Placement Tests
Printable placement tests for Math Mammoth Light Blue Series. (Grades 1-6)
Free SAT Practice Test
Taking the SAT Practice Test is a stress-free (and free) way to find your high schooler's strengths and weaknesses on the SAT. Your child can take the test online at, or you can print it out.
The Online Test Page
100% Free Practice Tests and Drills (SAT, ACT, SOA EXAM P, EXAM FM, EXAM MLC, EXAM C)
Calvert Partners Placement Tests
Calvert’s placement tests are designed to provide valuable insights of your child’s concept knowledge and skills applications. You'll find a variety of placement tests for grades K-8 ready for you to download.
Electronic Practice Assessment Tools (ePAT)
The tools here are intended to support and enhance student preparation for Florida's computer-based assessments. These practice tests provide direct exposure to the format and structure of the items. You can access installation instructions, practice test answers, and practice test scripts under the Resources tab. Find Algebra, Biology, Geometry, FCAT Reading & Math, and FCAT Retake Practice Tests.
AVKO Pretests and Placement Tests
Use these pretests and placements tests to aid in your diagnosis and remediation of problem areas in your students' spelling and reading abilities. From the makers of Sequential Spelling.
Kindergarten Readiness Test
This kindergarten readiness test will guide you through the eight developmental areas related to success in preschool and kindergarten, highlighting skills that your child will need in school. After completing this readiness test, you will see personalized commentary about your child and tailored suggestions to help him or her develop skills that are essential for beginning school prepared to succeed.
NRRF Reading Competency Test
Are you wanting to know how well your child is reading? Print out The National Right to Read Foundation's Reading Competency Test and find out today.
Excellence in Spelling Placement Test
Use this test to assess your child's spelling competence. This test is designed to help parents determine which level to begin their children (ages 9 and up) in the Excellence in Spelling program.
Saxon Math Placement Tests
Find downloadable Saxon Math Placement Exams (Saxon K-3, Saxon 5/4 - Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Adv. Math & Calculus) at
Learn Math Fast Books Placement Test
This printable placement test includes 5 problems per grade level starting at first grade and ending with eighth grade. Have your child answer the problems until it becomes too difficult. The printable Answer Key will tell you what grade level and which volume of the Learn Math Fast System you should read. - Free Online Practice Tests
This is an awesome resource for high schoolers! Free test prep help for exams like the ACCUPLACER, ACT, GED, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, NCLEX, Praxis, SAT, etc. Start prepping for your test today!