Aspiring Heights Academy Transcripts

{image}If your child is enrolled in our High School Diploma Program, we will consolidate his or her high school coursework into a sealed, official transcript. Aspiring Heights Academy transcripts clearly identify our school, the student, courses taken, and credits and grades earned. Official transcripts are signed, sealed, and sent directly from our school to another school.

Please note, we do not calculate grades or assign credits. We do not accept parent calculated grades or assigned credits for parent created curriculum or retail curriculum products for any core coursework. Except for grades and credits earned for extracurricular activities, all courses, credits, and grades must be documented on official transcripts.

We accept transcripts from the following schools:

  • Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  FLVS documents courses, final grades, and credits earned on official and unofficial student transcripts.
  • Community Colleges/Universities (Dual Enrollment).  Community colleges and universities document dual enrollment courses, final grades, and credits earned on official and unofficial transcripts.
  • Accredited Correspondence Schools (Distance Learning).  Many schools offering distance learning services provide transcripts documenting courses, final grades and credits earned. Courses must meet Florida standards.
  • Accredited Private Schools. Transcripts must document courses, final grades, and credits earned.
  • Public Schools.  Official records and transcripts are available from the records department. Records must document courses, final grades, and credits earned.

Student transcripts include the following:

  • Personal information, including name, address, phone number, date of birth, sex, and SSN or student number;
  • Course information, such as course names, numbers, and dates taken; grades and credits earned; and yearly and cumulative GPAs; and
  • Other academic information, such as a credit summary, test scores (e.g., SAT, ACT), graduation date, diploma earned, and a list of schools where high school credits have been earned. We will also include community service hours and any notable activities or achievements at your request.

Please see Official High School Transcript Requests for information on requesting an official transcript.

Many colleges and universities require applicants who completed a home school program or graduated from a non-accredited high school to submit portfolios and/or transcripts to be considered for admission. The acceptance of transcripts from private schools is subject to the requirements of the receiving educational institution or employer.